Friday April 7 2017
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When I turned old enough I played tee ball but next year I will get to play hockey. I am ready to start playing because I can ice skate. Also I play hockey in my family room and my driveway with my dad and my cousins.

We use a tennis ball in the driveway but we have to use a stuffed baseball in the house. Hockey is fun in the driveway or the house but I think it will be more fun on the ice.

05/19/2011 - 17:12
Kenny Caruthers
Last football season in 2010 I learned a lesson the hard way. When you play any sport, never think like this: “Oh we already faced this team, we will win.”

I did that in my Super Bowl and lost in 2010. We went undefeated all season. We beat most teams by at least two touchdowns. We felt unstoppable and that we were never going to lose.

04/21/2011 - 11:10
P.J. Vieira
I love the game of baseball but it is extremely frustrating seeing small market teams like Pittsburgh, Baltimore, and Kansas City lose year after year. If I were able to make one change in pro sports today I would implement a salary cap in Major League Baseball.

All the major sports leagues have a set salary cap and an equal opportunity to succeed. But in the MLB, teams are allowed to pay what they can afford to build their teams.

04/19/2011 - 15:11
Zack Brown
Athletes inspire people. It’s a simple fact. How many times have you heard the kid in school say he’s going to be the next Tom Brady?

So there is no doubt that athletes inspire people. But why? Well, it may be it’s because of that play they made. It also may be because of what they have done off the field.

04/06/2011 - 15:27
Nathanael Truckenmiller
I like to play sports. I play baseball, basketball, soccer and swimming but baseball is the most fun because I am outside and my friends mostly play too.

My older sister is a good softball player and got me to play baseball so someday we can play baseball together. She's better than me now but she is four years older.

03/23/2011 - 19:34
Zachery Jacobs
PA Cyber Charter School tenth-grade student Daniel Priore of Pittsburgh has drawn true inspiration from the story of Rutgers football player Eric Legrand. He tells KidSPORTS Magazine readers why.

What is true inspiration? In the case of athletics, their main purpose of inspiration should not necessarily come from their moments on the playing field, but in their moments off of it.

03/23/2011 - 16:34
Daniel Priore
Each month, students from PA Cyber School tackle a topic relating to issues in the world of sports. Fourteen-year-old Erika Schneider of Butler, PA shares with our readers why the NBA star from Pittsburgh inspires her.

February 9th, 2011: The NBA’s San Antonio Spurs play a game against the Toronto Raptors. The Spurs come in with the best record in the league.

03/23/2011 - 15:34
Erika Schneider
In ancient Rome, competing in the games in the coliseum was a matter of survival, not choice. During the early days of sports in the last century, the choice to participate was for fame, glory, and some money, but without the scientific and medical information available today.

The hit to the head must be eliminated from sports—particularly professional sports—today.

03/22/2011 - 17:56
George Kelly
Local school students are encouraged to submit entries for publication in KidSports Magazine!

KidSPORTS Magazine needs writers! We are looking for interested students to submit their “sports stories” to us for consideration.

02/12/2011 - 13:57
Tony DeFazio