Sunday May 22 2016
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Youngsters at a local high school will soon have a school class geared toward preparing for life after school.

The course, Introduction to Technology, Career Preparation and Personal Finance, provides information and instruction for young adults on finding the right career, exploring education and training options, and preparing a resume.

Students receive instruction on seeking financial aid for college, what schools are strong in certain fields, and information on preparing for the SAT and ACT.

Last month, the Brooke County Board of Education approved the addition of the course for freshman at Brooke High School.

While it will replace the school's computer keyboarding course, elements of keyboarding will be included in the new class, as well of elements of a previous class on  personal finance. Issues such as credit cards, banking and identity theft are expected to be part of the curriculum. The Career Cruising website will also be used as part of the new course.

In addition, a job shadowing program that was used by the school several years ago is also to be incorporated in conjunction with the new class.

Early interest has been high among both students and parents, and the school expects to offer three or four classes every semester.