Saturday April 8 2017
Leave this field empty.


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First, good news. It's great top be in the thick of the school basketball. We enjoy all the seasons and sports that come with them and each has its own attraction. As with those season's onset, the one upon us brings excitement and anticipation.

Glad to get that out of the way.

The bad news is about hoops on the street, not basketball in the gym. Hoops in front of the house provides its own set of rules, challenges and fun that no indoor gym can offer.

If there is a hoop.

There is no hoop in front of our house. Oh, there has been, but not for the last couple months because the base of the old one rusted away and snapped. It's left a void the size of the school gym.

There was so much going on originally, that not having a hoop up wasn't the end of the world. Soon, however, it was obvious we needed a hoop, so we once again went shopping, looking for the type of hoop on wheels with a base you can fill with water or sand to keep it from tipping over.

The last one lasted five years and worked like a charm. You name it – HORSE, 2 Bounce, Round-the-World, we played them all. From Michael's “lucky oil spot” on the street to Joseph's flying layups to Ellis' baseball like, trick-shot throws from the neighbor's front yard across the street, we've done it all, with nobody calling any fouls.

We finally made the buy, but I forgot something since the purchase five years ago. You have to be an MIT honors grad to assemble the thing.

MIT would never allow me to drive by the front door, let alone walk through it, and this is a two person job. With The Warden busy driving the boys back and forth to the gym, we still haven't assembled it. When we've tried, it's turned into such an exercise in futility that we laugh at each other – as the 1,000 pieces that make up the hoop's assembly laugh at us.

Don't fret, it will get up. I just need a multilingual engineering degree, but it will get up.

And then the real hoops will begin.