Saturday May 21 2016
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Is It Winter Again?

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Is it winter again? Wasn't it just here?

Before I go on, please understand that I simply have no use for snow. I have no use for winter, come to think of it. Winter is why God made Miami.

But that time of the year is here, even if it seems like it just left. It wasn't more than eight months ago--I swear it wasn't--that I went to bed one Friday night with nary of trace of snow, yet woke up hours later to 12 feet. OK, 2 feet. I', not a meteorologist, but it was a LOT of snow!

That sudden snowfall spawned a series of events that will never melt away.

Personal climate-bias aside, even I couldn't miss the opportunity that the snow offered to create memories -- always such a big part of parenthood.

Sled-riding, snow-boarding, shoveling, snowball fights, making new tracks, jumping on snow piles, finding new hills, getting cold, smashing your eyeglasses, getting your socks and feet soaking wet. Mom putting all your stuff in the dryer twice a day, having a mid-week party in the snow (with a fire!), racing, laughing, crying, yelling--all day, every day--while the morning phone calls confirmed there was indeed no school... creating just one more chance you never thought you'd have, or do anything with if you did.

Oh, and building that backyard igloo, the one you as a dad refused to let go of even when the kids went back to school by adding snow to its melting heap as the temperatures rose--and placing a tarp over it to keep it cold--because it was more than just an "igloo" to you; it was a metaphor, a moment.

A memory.

Think of that: historic snowfall, twin 9-year-olds and their older brother, and a father sharing in every moment.

Yeah, I had it right when I named this column "The Igloo" a year ago.

See you back at The Igloo next year.