Saturday April 8 2017
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The Second Year

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This column is generally dedicated to basically whatever happened of note over the recent weeks with my sons and me. If it involves sports, fine.

But we’re pretty liberal at KidSPORTS on what is considered sports, at least for this column.

This month, however, we’re going to stray a bit, even if the boys think what you’re about to read is pretty cool stuff.

The Pennsylvania Cyber Charter School launched the Ellis Cannon Academy of Sports Media and Broadcasting last September. As a result, high school students throughout Pennsylvania have received an early jump on a career in sports media and broadcasting with the introduction of the new program.

I’m thankful to teach for many reasons, not the least of which is the gift of being with these students, whom you can read in these pages. You wouldn’t believe the interest they have in learning. That the school is in my hometown of Midland, PA—and is believed to be the only one of its kind in the nation—make it that much more satisfying.

Now, there's more.

The program has featured dynamic class interactivity, noted guest speakers across the industry’s spectrum and one-of-a kind instruction. It has included me leading class on a virtual field trip through live chats and guest interviews directly from Super Bowl XLV.

As a result, the program is now taking enrollment for the Fall, 2011 semester. Uou can learn more about registration by visiting or emailing [email protected].

Other than thinking—or perhaps me just hoping—their Dad is cool for doing this, I get the feeling the Little Planets themselves are getting the ol’ sports media and broadcasting thing in their blood.

Lord knows they talk enough trash to each other when it comes to sports, which, of course, is a good start in the field. They’ve taken that up a notch with March Madness, with their respective brackets serving as fertile ground for such discussions. Along the way, they seem to be watching more games (with me), asking questions and generally getting the itch that comes with Madness.

Who knows where that may lead them, but I know where it can lead your high school son or daughter.

Check it out today.