Wednesday June 1 2016
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Scholarships: Don't Count on Coaches to Find You

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"I'm good enough... I'll get recruited..."

“I have been told that if you are good enough, college coaches will know about you, and you will not need any more exposure. Is that true?”

In the world of college recruiting, you'll hear many confusing things, but this is one of the most misleading statement you are likely hear.

A college coach may know who you are, but that certainly doesn’t mean they are going to ask you to be a part of their program – much less offer you a scholarship to do so. Colleges are looking at hundreds of athletes in your area, and thousands across the country.

Do colleges across the country know who and where your school is?

Did the colleges know about all the good players that graduated from your school last year? Did all these players get scholarships? And what kind of offers did they receive?

Even if they do know of you, do they have your stats, grades, and highlight video right in front of them?

Name recognition is only a small step in the recruiting process. The goal is to get as many offers as possible so you have options when it comes to choosing a college.  Why settle for the one and only offer you received when you can potentially have your choice among 10 scholarship offers?

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