Saturday April 8 2017
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Scholarships: Get Things Rolling in the Right Direction

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Over the next few paragraphs, we’re going to give you some potential recruiting directions you can take with your student - athlete.  Check which one you are already on and then read and follow our recommended course corrections.  Perhaps we can save you lots of time, trouble, money and heartache.

Direction #1:  You’re doing nothing.  “My kid is good enough that college coaches will find him or her.”
Your Course Correction:
  Do something, anything, but don’t sit around and do nothing.  Your kid has one chance in a lifetime to be recruited to play college sports.  It will be one of the biggest regrets of your life if you waste this opportunity.

Direction #2:  You’re following your coach’s advice.  “My child’s high school coach is doing all the work for us.”
Your Course Correction:
  If you are one of the lucky few people whose coach is actually doing something to promote your child, be thankful, but then search for ways do more because what the coach does will not be enough.

Direction #3:  You’re depending on your travel or club organization.  “Our club team promised to handle all that for us.”   
Your Course Correction:
  Anything is better than nothing, of course, but if you want your child’s information to reach every coach in the area, region or around the country, you will have to go beyond your club/travel organization’s promises.  Do more by finding the very best, experienced promotional company available to properly and effectively market your kid directly to college coaches.

Direction #4:  You’re posting your kid’s profile on free recruiting Web sites.  “All these sites will promote my kid for free.”
Your Course Correction:
  Get real.  There are only two ways to promote your child the right way.  You can either spend every minute of your free time sending packages to college coaches with video included, or you can spend your money wisely and enlist a proven, professional promotional company to get the word out about your kid.  Choose a company which will give you personal attention with a personal advisor, not somebody you don’t know who’s sitting in a cubicle somewhere in the bowels of a corporate office.  Pick a company which will aggressively promote your child in a variety of ways and which can edit and post your kid’s video highlights and game footage online for coaches to evaluate.  In other words, no matter what else is being done for your child, go through the most thorough route.  Get going.  Don’t waste this opportunity.

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