Saturday April 8 2017
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Pool safety: Tips for a safe and fun summer

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It’s summertime – time for long days at the pool. Here are some tips to keep friends and family safe and happy.

Never leave your children in or around the pool alone
According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, more than 350 children under 5-years-old drown in pools each year nationwide, most in residential pools. If you can’t see your children, you can’t save them.

Put up physical barriers to limit access to the pool area
Fences and walls are a great way to stop small children from getting into the pool area without parental supervision. They are also the law. Make sure that the fence has a self-latch gate, which is out of reach for small children.

Make sure that the area around the pool is smooth, and slip resistant.
It is very easy for a child to slip and fall into the pool when the pool deck is wet or uneven. By making these areas slip-resistant, accidents are less likely to occur.

Not only is it important to keep an eye on your children, but also your pool itself.
If you own a pool, you should make sure that the chemicals are adjusted regularly, along with constant maintenance of your pool filter.  These simple checks will help keep your pool clean and safe.

“Floaties” are not the answer.
When a small child is entering the pool, make sure he or she is wearing a secure life vest.

Parents stay close.
If there is an infant in the pool a parent or guardian should be within an arm’s length distance from them. This method of safety is called “touch supervision”.

If you follow these simple tips, there will be a lot less worries while the kids are in the pool soaking up the summer sun.