Saturday April 8 2017
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Playing Outside in the Winter

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Children like spending time outdoors in the winter. Whether they are skiing, sledding, ice-skating or just playing in the snow; here are a few tips that will keep children warm, dry and safe.

Dress in layers: Most experts agree that this is the best way to keep a child warm. The air trapped in between the layers is like an extra insulator. The layers should include thermal long johns, a turtleneck, one or two extra shirts, snow pants and a coat. These are essentials that should not be forgotten.

Mittens are better than gloves: Fingers stay warmer when they touch each other, so mittens are the better option.

Don’t forget the scarf and hat: Half a child’s body heat can be lost through an uncovered head, so experts recommend a hat. You also want to make sure a scarf, to protect the lungs from the extreme cold, covers your child’s mouth.

Important reminders include:

  • Make sure your child is always supervised (either by you or a trusted adult) when playing outdoors.  Accidents can happen, so never leave your child alone outside.
  • Make sure your child has the proper equipment. If your child is ice-skating, sledding, skiing, etc. make sure he or she has the proper equipment and safety gear in order to participate.
  • Always watch out for “caution” and “do not enter” signs. While it can be easy for your child to lose track of where they are playing, always be aware of signs posted. Keep children away from thin ice, deep snow banks, and off private property.

It is important for children to enjoy the outdoors especially in the wintertime. Follow these few simple guidelines and go out and play!