Friday April 7 2017
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Thanks Mom!

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She is probably the only person who makes sure our children's uniforms are clean. She makes sure our girls and boys have an extra pair of socks in their soccer bag.

She's the one who put the extra pair of sliding shorts in your bag during baseball season, and the extra bottles of water on the sidelines for all the practices.

We are talking about our Moms.

Many things have changed from generation to generation when it comes to youth sports, but one of the constants throughout the years? Mom.

Would our kids be able to play without Mom? They fill out the registration forms, make the pediatrician appointments and take them to the doctor's office to receive medical clearances. They shop for sports drinks and healthy snacks to keep their young athletes fueled, as they shuttle them between practices and games. They take their growing children shopping, to make sure the kids get new basketball shoes and football cleats.

Sure, lots of Dads perform some of these duties, too. But Moms are not just doing the behind the scenes duties, either. In addition to being Team Mom, sending e-mail updates and keeping everyone informed about schedules and directions, you will find more and more Moms on the sidelines coaching.

During my childhood, girls had very few options, primarily basketball and softball. Some communities had figure skating, volleyball, swimming, track and cheerleading. But the point is: opportunities were scarce compared to boys' sports.

In the past three decades, women's and girl's sports have experienced tremendous growth. Our girls are now playing baseball, soccer, tennis, lacrosse, golf, deck hockey, field hockey and ice hockey. Women are playing professional basketball, football, and even competing against men in auto racing. More women are coaching and officiating games than ever before.

The vast experiences have lead many women to the sidelines, passing along their knowledge to our kids – girls and boys.

So, here's our summer homework assignment. Whether your Mom has a whistle around her neck telling you to get your hands up on defense, or if she has her car keys in her hands telling you to get your butt in the van so she can drive you to practice, make a special day this summer to thank Mom. Let's commit to scheduling a special "thank you" lunch or dinner this summer to honor Mom. Schedule it right now – the fall seasons are right around the corner!