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What is the NCAA?

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What is the NCAA?
The NCAA is the National Collegiate Athletic Association. The NCAA is the organization through which it’s member schools administer athletics at a national level. For further information see our “resource links” page.

How many NCAA Divisions are there?
There are three Divisions in the NCAA. Division I and II colleges offer athletic scholarships, division III colleges cannot offer scholarships based on athletic ability but can and do offer other forms of financial aid.

What is the NCAA Eligibility Center?
The NCAA Eligibility Center (formerly the Clearinghouse) ensures the academic eligibility and amateur status of NCAA athletes.  You must register with the NCAA Eligibility Center if you intend to participate in NCAA Division 1 or 2 athletics, take an official visit, or sign a national letter of Intent (NLI).

What is the NCAA Letter of Intent?
This is a document that sets out your agreement or “intent” to attend the college for which you have signed for 1 academic year in exchange for college financial aid, including an athletic scholarship. The NCAA letter of intent or NLI is for Division 1 and 2 athletes.

What is the NAIA?
The NAIA is the National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics. It is an organization that promotes athletics as an integral part of education. NAIA member colleges award athletic scholarships.

What is the NJCAA?
The NJCAA is the National Junior College Athletic Association. Junior college is an excellent way to get both a quality education and play college sports at an affordable price. NJCAA member schools in Division1 and 2 offer athletic scholarships. NJCAA Division 3 schools do not offer athletic scholarships.

What is the NCCAA?
The NCCAA is the National Christian College Athletic Association. Many NCCAA colleges are also NCAA or NAIA members. The NCCAA is divided into Division1 and 2 schools. Division 1 colleges offer athletic scholarships, division 2 colleges do not.

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