Saturday April 8 2017
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Saving Money: Beach Vacations

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Beach vacations can be expensive, but if you're going to the shore this summer then you've likely already made your deposits and paid the big bills. But the nickel and dime stuff can kill you just as much as the cost of gas and lodging.

Here are some tips to save money on that family beach vacation.

  • Open air concerts: Many destination locations organize free, open air concerts that are suitable for children. Pack a picnic basket, a blanket and make it an event. You can't beat the price.
  • Miniature golf: A great break from the sand and saltwater, most beach towns have several options for mini-golf, and prices usually range between $5 and $10, even less if you grab a coupon book before you get to town. Also, very young children are often free at many establishments.
  • Hit the boardwalk: Not every beach has a boardwalk, but most have at least a “grand strand” or a “strip” where you can stroll, people-watch and enjoy an Italian Ice, a funnel cake, ice cream or a hot dog for $25 for the entire family.
  • The docks: Most beach towns offer pier access for a very low cost, sometimes as little as a dollar or two for the entire week. Stroll the length of the pier, watch the fishermen or do some fishing yourself.
  • Shelling: Awesome shells, shark teeth, and who knows what else await you and your kids as you stroll the length of water's edge. Bring a beach pail and shovel!
  • Flea markets: Often found on your way into or out of town, take a short trip during the week and bargain shop.
  • Afternoon matinees: A great break from the afternoon heat, or a nice escape on a rainy day. Hit the matinee and keep your costs down.