Friday April 7 2017
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At the Game

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I just went to my first Major League Baseball game. It was the Indians against the Royals in Cleveland but the game was not so great. The Indians got behind right away when the Royals scored on a home run in the first inning. It was my first homer that I got to see.

I wish it could have been by an Indians player though, but it was still cool. It seemed like it was never going to land, but my uncle said people hit even further home runs than that sometimes.

Well in the next inning I saw another Royals homer. It went far too.

My favorite player is Travis Hafner. His position is designated hitter so he gets to hit all the time. He never has to go play in the field. I wish my team had that!

He grounded out to first base in his first at bat.

Then guess what?

Another Royals home run, but this was a grand slam! With the bases loaded, a guy for the Royals crushed a homer to right field. This was one of those ones that my uncle was talking about, because it went way further than the first two did.

But then things got crazy.

When the guy hit the homer, he just stood there and watched it. Our coach always tells us not to watch the ball after we hit it, to just run so we don't get out. Well this guy wasn't going to get out because he smashed the ball over the fence, but my uncle said its bad to just stand there and watch your homers. He called it Showing Up The Pitcher and said its not good sportsmanship.

Well the Indians pitcher must have thought so too, because the next pitch nailed the Royals guy right in the head! Everyone all came out on the field and started pushing each other and pointing at each other and the umpire threw the Indians pitcher out. But big deal because he wasn't pitching very good anyway.

Travis Hafner came up again but grounded out to third base.

A couple innings later he was up again and this time he hit the ball to the second baseman and the Royals made a double play.

My mom was ready to go home because we were losing 8-0, but I wanted to stay and see Travis bat again. My uncle said maybe he'd ground out to shortstop this time and that would be Grounding Out For The Cycle.

We got to see another Royals home run but I was getting sick of those by now. We stayed and saw Travis bat one more time but he struck out.

So it was cool to see home runs and cool to see a grand slam, but I wish it could have been the Indians hitting them.

And I learned not to Show Up The Pitcher!

– Todd Krbanic, 12, Avon Lake