Saturday April 8 2017
Leave this field empty.

Get Involved!

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It’s still two hours before your child’s Saturday morning game. You’re making breakfast while the kids sleep. Your plan is to make it to the game about 10 minutes before kick-off.

Meanwhile, at the field, the coach has already cut the grass. An assistant is putting down the lines. League officials are checking the weather forecast. The refreshment tent is going up. There’s plenty to do but never enough time or people to do it.

Youth sports organizations desperately need people like YOU to get involved. Leagues can’t survive without an army of volunteers but there are always too few. You don’t have to do much because any help goes a long way.

Interested? Here’s what you can do:

  • Refreshment Stand Workers – If you believe your entry fee covers all league expenses, think again. For most organizations, the refreshment stand pays the bills. It’s one of the easiest ways to help. And it beats selling magazine subscriptions for your kid.
  • Field Maintenance – With cash strapped budgets, municipalities and school districts can’t afford to maintain fields especially over the summer. Grass needs cut. Goal posts and nets need fixed. Those white lines need painted every so often. The responsibility usually falls to the league officials and coaches. If you offer help, they’ll eagerly accept.
  • League Officials – If your league runs smoothly, thank these folks. They are the ones who procure and schedule the fields, order uniforms and trophies, and contact the photographers for those cute player cards. If you’re a planner or organizer, this is your bag.
  • Coaches – It’s harder than it looks. It takes more time than you think. And it requires work and plenty of patience. Simply put, it’s worth every minute. Kids remember their coaches forever.
  • Assistant Coaches – The best way to learn about coaching without most of the responsibilities. You’ll operate behind the scenes much of the time but your value to the head coach is immeasurable.