Tuesday May 31 2016
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More Than a Stroke of Good Luck

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Is your child thinking about joining a year-round swimming program? Want to upgrade from being a summer swimmer to a full-time athlete? Below are five ways to improve as a swimmer in and out of the pool.
  1. Eat healthy- In order to have the most energy during practice, a balanced diet is essential for optimal performance.  Eating more protein, adding fruit and grains to your diet and avoiding fatty and surgery foods will provide the fuel you’ll need to propel you in the pool.
  2. Drink enough fluid- Whether the drink of choice is sports drink or water, drinking enough fluid before, during and after practice helps to prevent dehydration and replenish nutrients.
  3. Stretch- Get in the habit of stretching both before and after practice in order to maximize flexibility and get your muscles warmed up and helps to avoid cramping.
  4. Get Enough ZZZ’s- Practice can be physically demanding, so in order to have enough energy for practice, sleep is essential to give your body a rest.  Eight hours or more will insure a good workout.
  5. Keep up with Cardio- Between seasons, continue to exercise by running, playing outside or any other physical activity that keeps you in shape and healthy.  Don’t sit and vegetate in front of the television, remember, if you tube you lose.

Although these goals may seem tough to follow, your body will become accustomed to the workouts and change in routines, and eventually you will see the results of your hard effort.

Caitlyn Harrington is a former Division 1 swimming at the University of Pittsburgh.