Saturday April 8 2017
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Saving Money: Choosing Sports Organizations

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You may not be aware that you can comparatively shop when choosing your child’s recreational sports associations. Most public school sports limit participants based on where they live and to which school district they belong.

Parents might assume that such restrictions exist for recreational sports leagues also. In most cases, this assumption is incorrect. Recreational leagues generally welcome anyone who is interested in joining their organization, regardless of address. You can use this freedom to choose which association provides the best value for your child.

You do need to be careful, however, that you are indeed comparing apples to apples when choosing. Association A may charge more in entry fees than Association B, but A’s entry fee may cover other costs (like uniforms or field fees) that B’s fee does not. If you choose Association B, you will pay for those ‘other’ items at some point. Also, don’t forget to include greater transportation costs if the association you choose is not the local one.