Saturday April 8 2017
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Fall Ball

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As the summer comes to an end so do summer baseball leagues. The problem with this is that many kids want to continue playing baseball, but do not want to wait until next spring. For those kids who would like to continue playing ball, parents should look at fall ball leagues.

Fall ball leagues are available for most age levels, starting at about age 8 and going to 15 or 16. These leagues are a great way for kids to stay involved and hone their baseball skills.

Fall ball is a perfect opportunity to improve on the fundamentals of the game while getting more playing time in a competitive environment. Many fall ball leagues work the same as regular Little League, but with a few small differences. Some leagues will only have games scheduled on the weekends to avoid conflicts with football leagues. Since it also gets darker earlier, practice times will vary.

There are many age groups and it is important to find the one that is best suited for your child. Depending on the skill level and how serious the league is, some leagues do require travel. Traveling is usually limited to the upper age groups. Most leagues are run through the recreation departments, similar to Little Leagues.  

In order to get your child involved, research on the internet is a valuable tool in finding information. Another way to gain information is to call the local city or township building; they should be able to give you more information about your specific area.

The fall ball season usually consists of 10-20 games per team, depending on playoffs and amount of teams participating. Since the weather gets nasty by November, leagues usually conclude by the end of October.

Fall ball is a great tool for improving skills and giving your slugger the chance to gain experience for next spring.