Saturday April 8 2017
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Team Olivia

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Local High School Football Team Supports Coach's Niece

Players on the Columbiana High School Football team are all wearing yellow wristbands this season.

So what makes them different than any other sports team across the country? These are not the popular “Livestrong” bracelents; rather, it is for a cause much closer to home for them.

They wear them for 10-year-old Olivia Coontz, to show their support as she battles cancer of the ulna. Coontz happens to be the niece of Clipper assistant coach Larry Baughman, who has gathered the support of his team—as well as his community—to support young Olivia.

Olivia discovered she had cancer after breaking her arm while roller skating on the Greenway Trail. Upon further inspection, doctors concluded that  in addition to having a broken arm, she also has cancer of the ulna, one of the bones in the forearm.

Currently, Coontz is on a waiting list for a new ulna,  surgery that involves a bone graft often using a rib bone. For now, she is undergoing an intense 29-week chemotherapy program to battle the cancer.

Recently, a Chinese auction was held to support Olivia; it was held during an open house at Firestone Park for the Clipper’s newly renovated locker rooms. Also, a benefit dinner was held by Team Olivia on August 6th to raise support and awareness at the Lisbon Lions Club. It was a spaghetti dinner with music and socialization included afterward, as well as a bake sale. Team Olivia charged $8 for adults and $5 for children, with funds being donated toward Olivia’s cause. Attendees and others were also notified that they could make donations to Huntington Bank for the benefit of Olivia.

More information is available through Debbie Wellington, at 330-770-2883.