Saturday April 8 2017
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You Might Be a Football Mom...

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How do you know if you're a "football mom"? Chance are you already know, but if not, here are some hints:

Your fall wardrobe has nothing to do with “your” colors, and everything to do with your team colors.

You’ve actually acquired a taste for Gatorade because that’s the only thing that’s in your fridge.

You start thinking up crafty ideas for all those orange containers.

Your shopping list starts with Gatorade, Oxyclean, stain stick and back-up Gatorade.

Your menu planner for your family’s meals on Friday nights automatically reads: hot dogs, pizza, popcorn, choice of pop and Swedish fish.

You instinctively charge your husband 50 cents for his cup of coffee on Saturday morning.

You have THE cushion.

When the play is over, everyone else looks for the ball and you look for your son.

You try not to blurt out the pet name you gave your son when he was three when cheering in public.

You cheer for everyone’s sons.

You never leave home without a rain poncho.

You’re grateful to all the positive coaches and other adult volunteers for their efforts and for the valuable life lessons learned each season.

You want your son to know that no matter what the score was, he was always a winner with you.