Friday April 7 2017
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Sports Memories

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When I was a kid I had many great memories, but my favorite is the first time I made a touchdown. So I’m on the D-line at nose guard. I always get through the line to make the sack, but this was my last game and I had made it to the championship.

That day was cold, but it slowly heated up. And since I had never run the ball before, my coach told me to be the quarterback. He said, “Josh, run play Fourteen-Beast!”

“Fourteen-Beast” meant the quarterback runs through the four- hole. It was my favorite play, and I knew I had to make a touchdown. As I called the cadence, “Ready, set, go!” I grabbed the ball and dashed through the four-hole. When I was five yards away from the goal line, one guy was like, almost hugging me! Then five more guys tried to tackle me, but they were all too high.

I knew I was stronger than them, so I thought, “My cousin is here and I want to make a touchdown.”

So I chopped my feet so hard that I literally jumped into the goal posts with the ball still in my hand.


I had made a touchdown, my first. Now that was a great memory for me growing up.

Joshua Lindsay is in the 6th Grade at Crestdale Middle School