Tuesday May 17 2016
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Of Course Cheerleading is a Sport!

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A sport is a physical activity that requires skill, balance, technique and flexibility in which a team or individual competes against another team or others, for entertainment. So why, then, is there even a debate about whether cheerleading is a sport?

Let’s break it down and prove, once-and-for-all, why cheerleading is a sport.

The first part of the definition of a sport says that it is a physical activity. Cheerleaders have to perform a variety of flips, tumbles and other difficult moves. Cheerleaders must have skill and technique to be able to do those flips and tumbles. Skill and balance are also required to be the base that tosses someone or holds them up.

Stephanie Brady is a cheerleader for her local township’s 55-pound football team.

“Cheerleading has to be a sport because there’s gymnastics involved, and gymnastics is a sport,” says Stephanie. “It’s a physical activity that you have to practice to be good at.”

Stephanie used to do gymnastics, and thinks that the two sports are just as difficult and very similar to one another.

Some people will also make the argument that cheerleading isn’t a sport because there is no ball, like in football, basketball and baseball. Well, how about in sports like wrestling, swimming, track, and gymnastics? They do not require the use of a ball and are all considered sports.

When it comes to competitive cheerleading there are many rules and regulations that must be followed. Cheerleading squads that enter competitions against other squads must follow certain rules, and stay within boundaries while competing, just like any other sport. Also, cheerleaders rely on great teamwork and coordination to get through their routines.

In competitive cheerleading, squads are awarded points based on the difficulty of the routine, how well they do, and other categories. The winner of the competition is team with the best score, just like all other sports.

As cheerleaders progress through high school and start looking at colleges, those that are exceptionally good at what they do can be offered scholarships, just like football players, basketball players and other athletes.

If this isn’t enough proof that cheerleading is a sport than here are some simpler things to think about. Cheerleaders have team uniforms, they practice to get better, and they can win trophies at competitions.

There is no debate: Cheerleaders are athletes; cheerleading is indeed a sport.