Friday April 7 2017
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Why I Play Sports

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I like to play sports. I play baseball, basketball, soccer and swimming but baseball is the most fun because I am outside and my friends mostly play too.

My older sister is a good softball player and got me to play baseball so someday we can play baseball together. She's better than me now but she is four years older. I think that someday I will be as good as she is.

Plus my coach is great because he makes sure we have fun and we win a lot.

Winning is the most fun to do but Coach taught us that losing is OK too but only if you tried your best. If you don't try your best you are cheating your teammates and also the players on the other team. Because they are trying hard, so you should too.

But if you tried your best and still lose, its OK. Don't hang your heads because your best is all your can ask for and you can be proud.

The best part of baseball is two things. I like to get hits and run the bases. The best part of that is scoring runs. When we cross the plate we get to give a high five to the next batter and then all your teammates on the bench give you high fives after you get on the other side of the fence. And we fist-bump when we make good plays.

So winning is the most fun but I learned that trying hard is most important.