Saturday April 8 2017
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Lowering Sports Drinks Costs

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We all know how important it is for children to stay hydrated during games and practices, especially with the scorching summer sun overhead.

We also know kids prefer just about anything over plain old water. Luckily, water-like substitutes, such as sports drinks, taste great and help keep young athletes filled up with the right stuff.

The down side of sports drinks is that if you’re buying individual bottles for every practice and game, it can get quite expensive. And, obviously, it gets worse for those of you with more than one child playing. This leads us to July’s simple but effective money saving tip: Buy sports drinks in powder form and mix your own.

There is a chance your child will protest not drinking out of the original bottle; maybe they don’t feel as cool using a water bottle when their friends are chugging a Gatorade or PowerAde. One way to counteract this is to purchase a fancy or even personalized water bottle to hold the drink. This will help your child look hip again and any extra cost for the water bottle will easily be made up by the reduced drink cost.

If that’s not good enough, a second simple solution is to re-use the original bottle. Rinse it out between uses and refill each time. Few will know the difference.